Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Hasso Plattner


Paper on Database Optimizations for Spatio-Temporal Data published in PVLDB

Our paper “Budget-Conscious Fine-Grained Configuration Optimization for Spatio-Temporal Applications” by Keven Richly, Martin Boissier, and Rainer Schlosser has been published in the latest issue 15(13) of the proceedings of the VLDB. In this paper, we introduce a linear-programming approach to determine optimal configurations consisting of multiple tuning decisions for spatio-temporal workloads.


Based on the performance requirements of modern spatio-temporal data mining applications, in-memory database systems are often used to store and process the data. To efficiently utilize the scarce DRAM capacities, modern database systems support various tuning possibilities to reduce the memory footprint (e.g., data compression) or increase performance (e.g., additional indexes). However, the selection of cost and performance balancing configurations is challenging due to the vast number of possible setups consisting of mutually dependent individual decisions.  
In this paper, we introduce a novel approach to jointly optimize the compression, sorting, indexing, and tiering configuration for spatio-temporal workloads. Further, we consider horizontal data partitioning, which enables the independent application of different tuning options on a fine-grained level. We propose different linear programming (LP) models addressing cost dependencies at different levels of accuracy to compute optimized tuning configurations for a given workload and memory budgets. To yield maintainable and robust configurations, we extend our LP-based approach to incorporate reconfiguration costs as well as a worst-case optimization for potential workload scenarios. Further, we demonstrate on a real-world dataset that our models allow to significantly reduce the memory footprint with equal performance or increase the performance with equal memory size compared to existing tuning heuristics.