Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Hasso Plattner


Four Papers accepted at ICDE 2019

At this year's ICDE (IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering) conference in Macao (8-12 April), we will present two research papers, a demo and a workshop paper.
The first research paper (1) proposes an automated index selection technique for our research database Hyrise. The second paper (2) provides an approach for replication, accompanied by a demo paper (3). Last but not least, we present our current work on self-managing databases (4).

  1. "Efficient Scalable Multi-Attribute Index Selection Using Recursive Strategies” by R. Schlosser, J. Kossmann, and M. Boissier, research paper.
  2. "Workload-Driven Fragment Allocation for Partially Replicated Databases Using Linear Programming” by S. Halfpap and R. Schlosser, research paper (short).
  3. "A Comparison of Allocation Algorithms for Partially Replicated Databases” by S. Halfpap and R. Schlosser, Demo paper.
  4. "A Framework for Self-Managing Database Systems” by J. Kossmann and R. Schlosser, ICDE workshop (SMDB 2019).