Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Hasso Plattner

Bachelor's Project: Reinvent the Development Experience for the Intelligent Enterprise


SAP Graph (https://graph.sap) allows a fundamentally different access to distributed Enterprise data by making the complexity of modern enterprise software landscapes easily consumable for developers. Instead of having to program directly against the APIsof the multiple systems (humanresources, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, etc.) comprising these landscapes, developers only interact with a graph of well-defined entities (WorkforcePerson, SalesOrder, Product, etc.) to query and alter data. SAP Graph internally takes care of routing these requests to the right target systems in the required formats. By that, developing applications on top of such enterprise landscapes willbecome much easier.


While the approach of SAP Graph already provides drastic simplification for developers, the goal of this bachelor project is to assess the current experience for developers, find further potentials for improvement, and implement them prototypically based on real-world use cases. For example, the team could optimize the current navigation towards an intuitive graph-like approachon business entities and their endpoints. Further, the integration into different development environments (e.g., through IDE plugins) or improved interaction with the SAP Graph APIs via GraphQL are potential improvements the team could tackle. But as stated earlier, you are also encouraged to proactively propose improvements that you and the team will jointly work on.


This Bachelor’s project will be a joint effort of HPI and the SAP Graph development team. We expect a close collaboration between both parties. Project participants will regularly visit the Innovation Center Potsdamoffices to facilitate proper informationexchange in both directions. The team will have access to state-of-the-art IT resources provided by HPI.

Final Presentation



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