Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Hasso Plattner

Open Master Theses in Data-Driven Decision Support

We are looking for interested students to tackle the following master thesis topics in the area of data-driven decision support. Our research group  focuses on data-driven decision-making using quantitative methods of operations research and data science applied in the areas of (i) causal structure learning, (ii) revenue management, and (iii) database optimization.


Revenue and Pricing Management

The need for automated data-driven revenue management is everywhere and becomes increasingly important. We are particularly interested in the optimal control of stochastic dynamic systems of real-world applications. In this context, potential topics for master theses are the following:

  • Demand forecast and price optimization based on real-world ReCommerce data
  • Dynamic pricing under risk aversion
  • Pricing competition using Reinforcement Learning (cooperative or competitive)
  • Inventory management

Contact: Dr. Rainer Schlosser