Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Hasso Plattner

ME310 Projects of the Year 2008-2009

In the second iteration of this course (2008/09), the HPI cooperated in projects with Panasonic and SAP to offer challenging and relevant design tasks to the global student teams in Potsdam and Stanford. 

SAP ReStorm - Changing the way the world does post-its!

To deal with the issue of globally distributed brainstorming (requested by SAP), the team explored the need to capture and transmit content of post-its without creating additional effort. After observations, benchmarking, and ideation they came up with the ReStorm prototype. ReStorm is an ergonomic handheld device that allows users to mobile write post-its using any writing instrument. Then, running a standard SD compatible digital camera the physical post-it session can be captured into a digital generated representation. Having this digital representation it facilities real-time interaction and collaboration amongst globally distributed team members running a shared brainstorm session.

Panasonic CompleteClean – The new flossophy!

The task of Panasonic for the ME310 project team was to revolutionize the personal dental hygiene. A hygiene system was invented. The innovative tracking technology behind the Complete Clean solution helps to eliminate one of the most common brushing mistakes - missing surfaces. The system tracks your brushing movement to determine which teeth have been effectively cleaned. Along with differentiating between different mouth regions, the system can distinguish three different surfaces of your teeth and provides feedback on your brushing technique through the bathroom mirror. Furthermore, the mirror is used to entertain #and motivate the user by scene e.g. emails, newsletter, games and music.