Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl


We try to keep an up to date list of all our publications. If you are interested in a PDF that we have not uploaded yet, feel free to send us an email to get a copy. All recent publications you will find below. For older, please click appropriate year.

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  • Big Data Benchmarking - 5th International Workshop, WBDB 2014, Potsdam, Germany, August 5-6, 2014, Revised Selected Papers Rabl, Tilmann; Sachs, Kai; Poess, Meikel; Baru, Chaitanya K.; Jacobsen, Hans-Arno in Lecture Notes in Computer Science (2015). (Vol. 8991) Springer.
  • Big Data Benchmark Compen... - Download
    Big Data Benchmark Compendium. Ivanov, Todor; Rabl, Tilmann; Poess, Meikel; Queralt, Anna; Poelman, John; Poggi, Nicolás; Buell, Jeffrey (2015). 135–155.
  • Enhancing Data Generation... - Download
    Enhancing Data Generation in TPCx-HS with a Non-Uniform Random Distribution. Nambiar, Raghunath; Rabl, Tilmann; Kulkarni, Karthik; Frank, Michael (2015). 94–129.
  • Just can't get enough: Sy... - Download
    Just can’t get enough: Synthesizing Big Data. Rabl, Tilmann; Danisch, Manuel; Frank, Michael; Schindler, Sebastian; Jacobsen, Hans-Arno (2015). 1457–1462.
  • The Vision of BigBench 2.... - Download
    The Vision of BigBench 2.0. Rabl, Tilmann; Frank, Michael; Danisch, Manuel; Jacobsen, Hans-Arno; Gowda, Bhaskar (2015). 1–4.
  • Die Apache Flink Plattfor... - Download
    Die Apache Flink Plattform zur parallelen Analyse von Datenströmen und Stapeldaten. Traub, Jonas; Rabl, Tilmann; Hueske, Fabian; Rohrmann, Till; Markl, Volker (2015). 403–408.
  • DualTable: A Hybrid Stora... - Download
    DualTable: A Hybrid Storage Model for Update Optimization in Hive. Hu, Songlin; Liu, Wantao; Rabl, Tilmann; Huang, Shuo; Liang, Ying; Xiao, Zheng; Jacobsen, Hans-Arno; Pei, Xubin; Wang, Jiye (2015). 1340–1351.
  • High Performance Stream Q... - Download
    High Performance Stream Queries in Scala. Song, Dantong; Zhang, Kaiwen; Rabl, Tilmann; Menon, Prashanth; Jacobsen, Hans-Arno (2015). 322–323.