Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl


We try to keep an up to date list of all our publications. If you are interested in a PDF that we have not uploaded yet, feel free to send us an email to get a copy. All recent publications you will find below. For older, please click appropriate year.

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  • Analysis of TPCx-IoT: The... - Download
    Analysis of TPCx-IoT: The First Industry Standard Benchmark for IoT Gateway Systems.Poess, Meikel; Nambiar, Raghunath; Kulkarni, Karthik; Narasimhadevara, Chinmayi; Rabl, Tilmann; Jacobsen, Hans-Arno (2018). 1519-1530.
  • PolyBench: The First Benchmark for Polystores.Karimov, Jeyhun; Rabl, Tilmann; Markl, Volker (2018). 24-41.
  • The Berlin Big Data Cente... - Download
    The Berlin Big Data Center (BBDC).Boden, Christoph; Rabl, Tilmann; Markl, Volker in it-Information Technology (2018). 60(5-6) 321-326.
  • Labyrinth: Compiling Imperative Control Flow to Parallel Dataflows.Gévay, Gábor E.; Rabl, Tilmann; Breß, Sebastian; Madai-Tahy, Lorand; Markl, Volker in CoRR (2018). abs/1809.06845
  • Benchmarking Distributed ... - Download
    Benchmarking Distributed Stream Data Processing Engines.Karimov, Jeyhun; Rabl, Tilmann; Katsifodimos, Asterios; Samarev, Roman; Heiskanen, Henri; Markl, Volker in 34th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, ICDE 2018, Paris, France, April 16-19, 2018 (2018). 1507-1518.
  • Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Testing Database Systems, DBTest@SIGMOD 2018, Houston, TX, USA, June 15, 2018Böhm, Alexander; Rabl, Tilmann (2018). ACM.
  • Methods for Quantifying E... - Download
    Methods for Quantifying Energy Consumption in TPC-H.Poess, Meikel; Ren, Da Qi; Rabl, Tilmann; Jacobsen, Hans-Arno (2018). 293-304.
  • Scotty: Efficient Window ... - Download
    Scotty: Efficient Window Aggregation for Out-of-Order Stream Processing.Traub, Jonas; Grulich, Philipp Marian; Cuellar, Alejandro Rodriguez; Breß, Sebastian; Katsifodimos, Asterios; Rabl, Tilmann; Markl, Volker (2018). 1300-1303.
  • Scalable Detection of Con... - Download
    Scalable Detection of Concept Drifts on Data Streams with Parallel Adaptive Windowing.Grulich, Philipp Marian; Saitenmacher, René; Traub, Jonas; Breß, Sebastian; Rabl, Tilmann; Markl, Volker (2018). 477-480.
  • Efficient k-Means on GPUs - Download
    Efficient k-Means on GPUs.Lutz, Clemens; Breß, Sebastian; Rabl, Tilmann; Zeuch, Steffen; Markl, Volker (2018). 1-3.
  • ScootR: Scaling R Datafra... - Download
    ScootR: Scaling R Dataframes on Dataflow Systems.Kunft, Andreas; Stadler, Lukas; Bonetta, Daniele; Basca, Cosmin; Meiners, Jens; Breß, Sebastian; Rabl, Tilmann; Fumero, Juan José; Markl, Volker (2018). 288-300.
  • Generating Custom Code fo... - Download
    Generating Custom Code for Efficient Query Execution on Heterogeneous Processors.Breß, Sebastian; Köcher, Bastian; Funke, Henning; Zeuch, Steffen; Rabl, Tilmann; Markl, Volker in VLDB J. (2018). 27(6) 797-822.
  • Performance Evaluation an... - Download
    Performance Evaluation and Optimization of Multi-Dimensional Indexes in Hive.Liu, Yue; Guo, Shuai; Hu, Songlin; Rabl, Tilmann; Jacobsen, Hans-Arno; Li, Jintao; Wang, Jiye in IEEE Trans. Services Computing (2018). 11(5) 835-849.
  • Dagstuhl Seminar on Big S... - Download
    Dagstuhl Seminar on Big Stream Processing.Sakr, Sherif; Rabl, Tilmann; Hirzel, Martin; Carbone, Paris; Strohbach, Martin in SIGMOD Record (2018). 47(3) 36-39.
  • Efficient and Scalable k-... - Download
    Efficient and Scalable k-Means on GPUs.Lutz, Clemens; Breß, Sebastian; Rabl, Tilmann; Zeuch, Steffen; Markl, Volker in Datenbank-Spektrum (2018). 18(3) 157-169.