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Research Topics

Traditional databases are separated into ones for current data from the day-to-day business processes and ones for reporting and analytics. For fast moving businesses moving data from one silo to another is cumbersome and takes too much time. As a result the new data arriving in the reporting system is already old by the time it is loaded. HYRISE proposes a new way to solve this problem: It analyzes the query input and reorganizes the stored data in different dimensions. In detail, HYRISE partitions the layout of the underlaying tables in a vertical and horizontal manner depending on the input to this layout management component. The workload is specified as a set of queries and weights and is processed by calculating the layout dependent costs for those queries. Based on our cost-model we can now calculate the best set of partitions for this input workload. This optimization allows great speed improvements compared to traditional storage models.

  • Hybrid Data Structures for Main Memory Databases
  • Query Execution in Main Memory Databases
  • Application-specific Data Management in Enterprise Applications
  • Common Data Model (CDM) for combined OLTP and OLAP

I finished is doctoral research at the HPI in October 2012 and graduated summa cum laude from HPI. Beginning in November 2012 I will start a research project at the University of Fribourg together with Prof. Philippe Cudre-Mauorux in the area of graph oriented data structures for In-Memory Database Management Systems

Teaching Activities

  • Bachelorprojekt 2008/09 - Hauptspeicherorientierte Datenbanken *Seminar "Trends and Concepts in the Software Industry II" (Coach), Winter '09
  • Trends and Concepts Exercise Summer 2009 - Implement server side planing routines using SAP TREX
  • Seminar "Trends and Concepts in the Software Industry II" (Coach), Winter '10
  • Trends an Concepts Exercise Winter 2009/10
  • Trends an Concepts Exercise Summer 2010
  • Bachelorprojekt 2010/11 - Hauptspeicherorientierte Datenbanken


  • HYRISE - Hybrid Storage Engine

PC Member (Conferences)

  • 2010 IEEE Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) Demonstration Track


As seen in my DBLP Record. You can find my published presentations from different events at Speakerdeck.


An overview of HYRISE - a Main Memory Hybrid Storage Engine

Martin Grund,Philippe Cudre-Mauroux,Jens Krüger,Samuel Madden,Hasso Plattner
IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin, 2012

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