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Design Thinking Studio "Open Innovation in Education"

Innovations in the field of education are a big challenge, aiming at a continuing process of upskilling and reskilling within the education ecosystem. A huge chance in this area of innovation is to integrate digitalization into education.



As part of a practice-oriented network of practitioners, researchers, experts, and policymakers in digital education from all over Europe, the HPI d-school supports cross-sector networking and calls for submitting ideas for digital education.


[Translate to Englisch:] Design Studio Design Thinking and Open Innovation in Education


Project example


Project partner: European Digital Education Hub

Challenge: The Design Thinking project focuses on creating learning experiences that prepare people for the digital transformation in industries and society. Many people anticipate the digital transformation with fear but do not know where or how to prepare for these changes. Opportunities need to be developed to help them adapt and thrive in this new landscape.


What you can expect when participating in a Design Thinking Studio:

  • An approach to frame a Design Thinking challenge within a complex focus topic (e. g. sustainability, open innovation in education).
  • D-talks with experts from research and partners from practice on a focus topic.
  • Enhanced research methods for a human-centered approach for valuable solutions.
  • Inspiration sprints and in-depth creation.
  • Innovation circles and co-designing with partners e.g. innovative solutions for climate protection or artificial intelligence in crisis communication
  • Project incubator to fast forward your solution.

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Do you already bring along Foundations  (former Basic Track or basic knowledge acquired elsewhere) of Design Thinking and do you want to make a change toward more sustainability or education? Then take part in one of our Design Thinking Studios.

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Semester Overview: "Open Innovation in Education"


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