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Global problems need a global approach to be solved. The Design Thinking Studios combine a complex topic and problem solving with means of Design Thinking. By participating in the 16-week Design Thinking Studio program, you can bring in your expertise in your field of study or your first working experience in organizations, initiatives, startups, or as a young professional.

May your interest be sustainability, open innovation in education, digital health, artificial intelligence, or else – you can be sure to develop your skills to foster innovation, your network, and references in a specialized field or even bring forward a project you are presently working on.

Each Studio topic will be running for a period of two to three years. As a participant, you can participate in one of our semester programs. Apart from the 16-week program, it gives you as well the opportunity to take part in selected formats of Design Thinking within a focus topic like Master Classes, Method Labs, D-Talks, Design Sprints or the Global Design Thinking Workshop.

Present Design Studios:

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Design Thinking Studio formats quickly explained

Application for a Design Thinking Studio

You can apply for:

  • 16-week program on a focus topic (Format: on-site and some parts hybrid)
  • 5 days Global Design Thinking Workshop (Format: on-site and some parts hybrid)

The Design Thinking Studio application (please select your Topic!) is open to graduates of the Foundations Program at the HPI d-school and the comparable introductory programs at our partner Design Thinking Schools in China, Malaysia, South Africa and Sweden as well as graduates of the HPI GTI (ME310/SUGAR) program. In addition, HPI students can apply directly for a Studio after completing two Global Design Thinking Workshops at the HPI d-school.

The application for a Design Thinking Studio is open twice a year.

For the summer semester application, our application platform opens February. Interested parties can apply on our online platform with all the required documents.

For applications for the winter semester, our application platform opens in mid-May. Prospective students can apply on our online platform with all required documents by July 31.

Apply now for a Design Thinking Studio of your choice!


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