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Becoming a Project Partner

Whether in logistics or media companies, global corporations or neighborhood associations - Design Thinking helps to creatively develop tomorrow's processes, products, services and organizations. At the HPI School of Design Thinking, partner organizations from a wide range of industries meet highly motivated and talented students. In multidisciplinary teams, they develop creative solutions to complex problems from medium-sized and large companies, non-profit organizations or public administration institutions. Our partner organizations come from both Germany and abroad.

As a partner in a student project, you will develop a problem together with us, the so-called Design Challenge, which our students will then work on with you. In a working environment that encourages collaboration (Place), our multidisciplinary student teams (People) work on your problem/question along the Design Thinking process (Process) and develop innovative, human-centered solutions.

Are you interested in working with us? We offer various cooperation possibilities:


HPI D-School Projektpartner

In both the summer and winter semester you can become a partner for an 8-week project (Basic Track) or a 16-week project (Advanced Track). Three times a year you also have the opportunity to participate as a partner in one of our Global Design Thinking Workshops (GDTW). 




     Basic Track


     Advanced Track

  • Project duration: four weeks (7 days project work, including 2 mandatory days for project partners)
  • Design challenge for beginners
  • Eight teams per project 
  • Project duration: eight weeks
  • Innovation problem
  • Development of concept ideas
  • Two teams per project
  • Project duration: one semester
  • Complex problem
  • Development of design solutions, business models, and implementation plan
  • One team per project

As our project partner you will become an active part of our academic program. You will get a deep insight into the mindset and method of Design Thinking as well as into our innovative work culture. As our partner you will advise our students on the feasibility of their ideas. You provide them with the necessary information, perspectives, opinions and support so that the students can develop a realistic solution to your problem for you - or even collaboratively with you.

If you would like to become a project partner, please contact us at projects-d-school(at)hpi.de

A selection of our previous project partners:

HPI D-School project partners
Trixi Gumbel


Trixi Gumbel

HPI School of Design Thinking
Project Development

Tel.: +49 -331-5509-1347

Charlotte Dreyer


Charlotte Dreyer

HPI School of Design Thinking
Project Development

Tel.: +49 -331-5509-3414

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