Project examples

To get an idea of the challenges our partners are facing, we provide an insight into selected projects here. From vacuum cleaners to be improved, to new security checks at airports, to mobile communication systems for nurses in South Africa, almost everything has been included. Every semester we face the design challenges of up to 16 project partners.


Since the launch of our Design Thinking programs in 2007, our Basic and Advanced Track as well as Global Design Thinking Week students have worked on more than 300 projects. The questions posed come from large corporations as well as from small and medium-size businesses, public institutions and NGOs. The topics cover all areas of society and include health, energy, mobility, safety, education, finance, logistics and sustainability.

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Innovation through sustainable …

Projektpartner: Kamax >


“Take no seat” – Ergonomic car …

Projektpartner: Veigel >


Lübben: Digitized Leisure …

Projektpartner: Stadt Lübben >


When Purpose Meets Design …

Solving meaningful problems: HPI D-School alumna Martina Zelt works with specialized agencies to … >


Schmetterlinge im Bauch – …

Project partner: Sanofi-Aventis Germany >