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Design Thinking Program Overview

Design Thinking program offers at HPI d-school provides you with different building blocks to acquire skills and capabilities for human centered innovations. Core of all blocks are real-life problems, the Design Thinking challenges, and the collaboration in interdisciplinary and diverse teams supported by experienced coaches and the HPI d-school team.


A new program vision

In 2024 we started with a new vision at d-school: “crafting tomorrow – imagine. innovate. impact.” Within this new vision we developed new programs. Our “Foundations” provide you with the basic knowledge and mindset in Design Thinking. Within our “Design Thinking Studios” you dive into challenges relevant to us as humans and society such as sustainability, technology, and how we want live together. Within these focus areas we want to start new and exciting learning journeys with you in summer term 2024.

Unfolding the Design Thinking offers at HPI d-school:



Foundations provides you with basic knowledge of Design Thinking (methods and mindset). Within a 16-week program, you learn to apply tools for innovation, dive into exciting teamwork, and tackle inspiring solutions for real challenges. Our Foundations program starts in the summer and winter term.

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Design Thinking Studios

Have you already acquired basic knowledge in Design Thinking by participating in the former 16-week Basic Track or elsewhere? Do you want to approach some of the important challenges the world is presently facing? Then participating in our Design Thinking Studios is the appropriate path for you.
Within a Studio we are addressing a focus area for systems and business innovation (e.g. sustainability, digital health, education, AI, etc.); you are defining challenges upon your expertise in a special field, you will profit with inputs and insights of experts from research and partners from practice. You are using your Design Thinking mindset within a self-organized team to find innovative solutions for complex problems.

These two building blocks constitute the one-year training in Design Thinking at HPI d-school.

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If you want to sneak in Design Thinking with less time the Global Design Thinking Workshop might be your right choice:


Global Design Thinking Workshops

Our Global Design Thinking Workshops are a education concept that goes beyond the mere introduction to Design Thinking as a process. In this program participants experience Design Thinking as a life-centered approach by dealing with complex innovation problems in diverse teams and supported by international Design Thinking coaches. We combine the work on a concrete innovation project with reflections on a specific focus topic.


Wayfinder - Self and Leadership Development

Wayfinder is a newly build course for self-leading and designing your own well-lived life and career. Applying the mindset and methods of Design Thinking to the wicked problem of your own life design, this program helps you to learn tools and techniques to enhance your self-awareness, detect your patterns, value and belief systems and explore and build experiences to make your desired future a reality. Based on Stanford’s Designing Your Life program and a two-day prototype at the HPI D-School that we ran in November 2019, we have completely redesigned the course to make it a great virtual experience for you.

Wayfinder consists of three elements: virtual live sessions, individual activities, exchange and reflection in triads with other Wayfinders.