Hasso Plattner Receives German Design Award

Patron of science and HPI founder, Professor Hasso Plattner has been named recipient of the Personality German Design Award 2017. Plattner is being honored by the jury for his contributions to the dissemination and ongoing development of the design thinking method.

In its statement, the German Design Award jury praises Plattner’s commitment as “crucial to the international success of this methodology, which is now taught around the globe in university courses and workshops and is the subject of rigorous ongoing research.” The panel paid special tribute to Plattner’s work toward improving interactive design, which has become indispensable with the advance of digitalization. For years Plattner has dedicated himself to design thinking.  

In 2005 he founded the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (d.school) at Stanford University. Two years later, on his initiative, the School of Design Thinking (D-School) opened its doors at Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI). The innovation school of HPI was the first of its kind in Europe. Modeled on the Stanford d.school, it likewise offers a supplementary study program for students of all disciplines as well as workshops for professionals

The award ceremony of the German Design Award 2017 will take place on 10 February 2017 in Frankfurt am Main. The address will be given by Professor Uli Weinberg, Director of the HPI D-School. The award of the German Design Council is one of the most recognized design honors in the world. It pays tribute to award winners who are exemplary for the economic and cultural value of outstanding design and representative of current topics and design directions.