HPI D-School and Legamaster enter into co-innovation partnership

Last week, Legamaster International B.V., the visual communication division of edding AG, announced that they have signed a 2-year contract with HPI School of Design Thinking (HPI D-School) in Potsdam. A joint Design Challenge in the summer semester 2019 kicks off the co-innovation partnership.


Visual Communication


Since mid-May, students of the HPI D-School work on Legamaster’s Design Challenge as part of their Design Thinking study, an innovation-driven, two-semester course. During the Design Challenge, two multi-disciplinary teams apply the Design Thinking methodology to redesign the collaboration experience for professionals working in the corporate sector.

Ulrich Weinberg, Director of the HPI D-School explains: “We immediately felt that there is a great fit between HPI D-School and Legamaster. We are very pleased to have Legamaster onboard as partner as we both strive for the common goal of creating an ultimate collaboration experience for our project partners, participants and customers, and we are sure that the visual part of communication plays a highly important role.”

In addition to the Design Challenge, Legamaster and HPI D-School have also agreed to enter into a long-term knowledge-building and technological cooperation as visual communication plays a vital role in the Design Thinking methodology. In the human-centered  innovation processes, the team members continuously visualize their ideas to spark creativity and encourage interaction.

“We see the partnership with HPI D-School as a great opportunity to get valuable insights how visual communication tools are used today and what future needs are when it comes to having a smooth and hassle-free collaboration experience. We strongly believe in the combination of analogue and digital tools and cannot wait to explore new solutions together with the teams at HPI D-School,” adds Danielle Bazuin, Managing Director at Legamaster International B.V.

Photo: Jana Legler / HPI D-School