Adriana Markovic-Stump

Adriana is an innovation and design thinking expert with a specialization in change management. She began her career in the contemporary art market, where she accompanied the development of distribution networks for galleries. Since 2011, she has increasingly focused on the start-up scene and advises globally operating innovation hubs. The implementation of agile and innovative work processes and the realization of workplace environments are among her core competencies. She works with user-centric processes and advises companies that position themselves innovatively in the competitive environment on current trends. Together with the departments in the companies, she designs new processes and products or develops sustainable strategies for the company.

She studied philosophy, politics and contemporary literature at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Besides her job, Adriana completed the Advanced Track at the HPI D-School in winter 2017 with a project together with Nestlé. Additionally, Adriana is the co-founder of MESH BERLIN.