Anja Perlich

Anja thrives on combination: she loves to see the creative and logical sides of the brain work together.

She is an interdisciplinary computer scientist and studied computational visualistics and medical informatics. She enjoys analytical thinking, but she is most excited when she gets to think about how information and analytics relate to people.

Her encounter with Design Thinking in late summer 2013 was a natural outgrowth of these interests. As part of her doctoral studies in the Design Thinking Research Program, Anja investigates the interplay between design thinking, computer science and psychology. More specifically, she is concerned with the question of how digital, medical documentation can support doctor-patient-collaboration. She combines research with practical application in her work as a coach at the D-School.

In order to relax, Anja looks for mindful encounters with nature, watches French films and works on her Ultimate Frisbee throws.