Anna Isselburg

Conflict as an opportunity for growth!

This is Anna's credo when she accompanies change processes. As a prospective psychotherapist, she has an eye on the individual and their individual development opportunities. As a process facilitator, she helps teams and groups constructively develop solutions, grow beyond themselves and use resources creatively.

She never shies away from acknowledging the weaks spots and is committed to a vibrant error culture in companies and organizations. In addition to classic facilitation methods such as Open Space or World Café, the innovation method Design Thinking is a focus of her work.

Since 2011 she is member of the the coaching team at the HPI School of Design Thinking. At the Institute for Psychological Psychotherapy and Counseling Berlin (PPT) Anna receives her further education in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Since 2017 she has been part of Zilimo; a network of freelancers who work in the field of facilitation, innovation consulting and coaching and who are committed to reconciling job and family.