Elisabeth von Helldorff

Actually, Elisabeth was about to become a Cellist. In order to prepare for the auditions she studied at a beautiful music academy in Sweden, where she realized, that for her there must be other things beside playing music. As a consequence she decided for studying a combination of Cello and cultural sciences in Hildesheim. Starting from there she undertook stays abroad from Switzerland till Mexico and took more and more an interest in how artistic thinking differs from other ways of thinking.

In 2010 she got a scholarship from the Foundation of German Business for founding „Schwarz+Weiss“ an agency, that lead artistic projects in companies in order to foster the innovation capacity of their employees. Some years later she turned that topic into a research project. Her PhD about Artistic Thinking in innovation management is near completion.

Elisabeth has been a coach for Design Thinking since 2013. She worked for the HPI Academy as well as for several consultancies.

Since 2017 she works as the „Interface Manager“ for Design and Architecture in the Corporate Real Estate department at Zalando SE. In this position she is in charge of designing the new Workplace Strategy with respect of the needs of the employees as well as the issues of execution.

Since 2017 she is member of the teaching team of the School of Design Thinking.