James Fish

James is a sociologist, design researcher and musician.

After earning a bachelor's degree in sociology and economics at Harvard University, James attended the HPI D-School in Potsdam and then spent four years in Silicon Valley as a design researcher with Proteus Digital Health. He currently works as an independent design and user experience consultant, including leading design thinking and strategy workshops and working as a UX researcher.

James has extensive experience as a moderator of interviews and enjoys the challenge of finding meaning and patterns in the synthesis phase. He often explores the intersection between mindfulness practices and design, particularly how meditation and bodywork can moderate the ego and enhance empathy for immersive research and interviews.

James also brings design to music, as a producer of electronic music, as a DJ and as an organiser of events, from intimate gatherings to open airs for 500 people. Although music making is his greatest passion, he also loves the challenge of collaborating on interactive themes, decorations and logistics to create unforgettable experiences for others.

James speaks English, German, Italian and some Turkish and feels particularly at home in Berlin, San Francisco and his native Boston.

Photo: Roshi Littlelight Photography