Johannes Marx

Johannes Marx is producer, singer and guitarist of the german/japanese electro-pop band Pitchtuner. Pitchtuner performed more than 500 shows all over Europe, Asia and USA in the last decade. One highlight was, that the band was chosen to represent the city of Berlin at EXPO Shanghai in 2010.

Johannes also founded a music label called "Burning Friends Records" together with a network of creative people from the Berlin area; it aims to promote the collaboration and exchange of talent and services between different groups. He also designs and produces his own instruments and MIDI controllers for his live shows. Improvement of Man-Machine interaction and refinement of Musician-'Electronic Instrument' interaction is crucial: How might we make electronic music performable more intuitively and in a physical way? His instruments are also the link to D-School: After presenting his latest instrument, the 'Midi Rod' at an inventors' competition in Berlin in 2009, he got addressed by a former D-School student and immediately got infected by the 'virus' and decided to understand and learn more about design thinking: the link that connects and ties the different strategies he already used in his creative work for so many years.

Johannes Marx is psychologist, has special interest in Cognitive Psychology and is 2010 alumni of the 'School of Design Thinking Potsdam'.