Johannes Marx

Johannes has done research for several years on visual perception and attention in the field of cognitive psychology.

In parallel he has toured with his band Pitchtuner for more than 10 years in Europe, Asia and USA. With his band he for example represented Berlin at EXPO Shanghai.

He develops his own unique instruments and controllers to make electronic music performable in a new way. This is how he got in touch with the HPI School of Design Thinking very early. He has been a D-School student in 2009 and after finishing the course started coaching for the HPI Academy and other Agencies.

Johannes has been part of the D-School coaching team since 2011 and lately has focused on supporting teams with prototyping and making their ideas tangible and testable. He is a maker and tinkerer permanently exploring new technologies in the field of AR, VR and open source electronic prototyping platforms like Arduino or ESP32.