Philipp Breil

Philipp Breil primarily studied Energy- and Eco-Management, but his interest in people brought him to study Psychology (M.Sc.) as well. After graduating he worked for GIZ's Climate Leadership Program where he discovered Design Thinking - which fascinated him right away and ultimately brought him to HPI D-School in 2011-2012 as a student again. Since 2012 Philipp works as a freelance Design Thinking Coach and Change Facilitator. In his workshops he uses methods like Open Space, Worls Cafe and elements of Theory U besides Design Thinking.

As a psychologist he analyses work spaces and compiles risk assessments of the psychological strain at the workplace. This work puts him in touch with many different people and working environments.

In winter you can find Philipp skiing in the mountains, in summer kite surfing the Ostsee. In between he's busy playing beach volleyball in Berlin as often as possible.