Thuy Chinh Duong

Thuy Chinh Duong works on solutions for sustainable mobility. Besides being a Design Thinking coach at HPI D-School and HPI Academy, she mainly works at MotionTag, a Potsdam-based startup for electronic ticketing solutions and data analytics in public transportation.

Before, she has spent some years strategically consulting public transportation authorities, and was also a co-founder of What Would Harry Do?, a creative collective of HPI D-School alumni.

Chinh enjoys every opportunity to work in interdisciplinary contexts and teams. Working at HPI D-School keeps broadening her perspectives by bringing her into very different places, such as kindergartens, homes for the elderly, wholesale markets and restaurant kitchens.

During a scholarship with Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, she got in touch with topics around migration, diversity and gender.

Actually, after studying in Berlin, Montréal and London, Chinh graduated in mathematics, specializing in graph theory, game theory and theoretical computer science, with a minor in political science.