Jeremias Schmitt

Jeremias loves leading teams into ambiguity and developing creative behaviours to stay actionable within uncertain environments. His greatest passion is translating start-up ideas into working business models, while helping teams implementing products and services through innovative market-entry strategies.

To do so, he draws on his 7 years of experience in dealing with innovation projects, which he has gained at the HPI School of Design Thinking as Student, Program Manager and Coach, as well as in agency and entrepreneurial projects.

For him, people are always at the forefront of every innovation. Every challenge, every problem and every solution requires its own approach, which must be harmonized with the expectations of clients, partners and the team.

Together with the 5Wx new ventures team he develops and accelerates start-up ideas, which they turn into reality with the help of network partners. His personal focus is on future changes in the areas of mobility, health and education.