HPI Podcast "Neuland" with Prof. Ulrich Weinberg: Design Thinking 4.0

Digital transformation causes a fundamental change in business and society. But what role do humans have in this change process? How will we work together in the future? And what are the consequences of the rising automation of all business areas? In the new episode of the HPI Podcast Neuland, Prof. Ulrich Weinberg, Director of the HPI School of Design Thinking, answers these and other questions.


Podcast Uli Weinberg


In conversation with moderator Leon Stebe he explains how the innovation approach Design Thinking helps to break down old structures. He talks about why it is still worth traveling abroad, even though we have Google Earth, and how communication about digitalization needs to change.

“We need to understand digital transformation as a process that will be over at some point”, HPI professor Ulrich Weinberg explains. So far, we have not managed to communicate the importance of the current development and to include society as a whole.

“Everyone needs to think about the changes digitalization will bring for him/her. How we want to work in the future and what structures and hierarchies will look like.” In the end, digital technology is just an instrument for interconnectedness. 

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Photo: Jana Legler / HPI School of Design Thinking