DESIGN THINKING – now available as DVD and online seminar!

What exactly is Design Thinking? How can Design Thinking help to successfully shape digital transformation? And why does the user play the most important part in this creative innovation process?

In a new video seminar of ZEIT Akademie, coaches of the HPI Academy introduce the six phases of the Design Thinking process on the basis of a real challenge and give many practical tips for the implementation of the process in your own professional environment (in German).

With the help of the DVD lessons, users get an understanding of the Design Thinking- and new working mode and recognize the potential and fun of working in multidisciplinary teams. Simple tips for your everyday work life help you to directly implement the methods and techniques and to quickly develop innovative ideas, processes or products.

Six coaches of the HPI Academy and Prof. Ulrich Weinberg of the HPI School of Design Thinking clearly explain the key characteristics of Design Thinking and why a new way of thinking is essential in today's working world.

The DVD and online seminar contain nine detailed video lessons with presentations and lively coaching scenes. Additional information are provided by a comprehensive accompanying book as well as teaching aids for practical application at home.

The Design Thinking seminar of ZEIT-Akademie is now available online (in German).