GDTW "Designing for Global Impact" in March 2022

The HPI D-School offers the Global Design Thinking Workshop "Designing for Global Impact" as a Deep Dive into Design Thinking in March 2022. This course focuses on framing innovations in a sustainable manner. Interested students and young professionals can apply via our online platform until January 31st, 2022.

GDTW "Designing for Global Impact"

The Global Design Thinking Workshop is a four-week format that goes beyond simply introducing Design Thinking as a process. The GDTWs take place twice a year and are an excellent program for HPI students and external participants who want a deeper understanding of a specific aspect of Design Thinking.

The upcoming Global Design Thinking Workshop will take place from March 7th to 31st, 2022. During this special Global Design Thinking Workshop, we will focus on designing human-centered innovations while incorporating system-level change: "Designing for Global Impact." In collaboration with a project partner and a diverse and international team, the participants will work on a design challenge and experience the process and mindset of Design Thinking.

In this workshop, we are concerned with connecting a global problem, like policy design and citizen participation with meaningful impact at the local level. We will apply Design Thinking from a life-centered perspective in combination with human-centeredness and systems thinking. In this workshop, you will also experience how to use Design Thinking to design social problems and innovations in the public space.

GDTW "Designing for Global Impact"

We facilitate the course in a hybrid format, which means that you can perform a large part of your teamwork in the virtual space. We use the online platforms Miro, openHPI, and Zoom. The course also involves other forms of interaction, such as "local observations & tests"; either in Berlin, Potsdam, or where you are currently living/working. In addition, we enable participants to use the Design Thinking rooms at the HPI D-School, which are equipped for hybrid teamwork.

The time required for active participation in this course is approximately 50 - 60 hours in March 2022. There are times that are mandatory for everyone and times for flexible teamwork. You can find further information about the program structure on the course page. Applications for the GDTW are open until January 31st, 2022, on our online platform.