Global Design Thinking Conference 'Policy Innovation Lab – from local to global' on September 2nd

Together with the Global Design Thinking Alliance, we will host our second online conference on September 2nd, 2021, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (CEST). Experts from around the world will discuss what impact Design Thinking can have on the public sector. Join numerous keynotes, panels and interactive sessions at our one-day virtual Policy Innovation Lab.


GDTA Conference 2021


All areas of work and life are becoming increasingly complex due to digital and cultural transformation, which reveals several challenges for society as a whole. This years Global Design Thinking Conferences focuses on the public sector and how to rethink administrative work to be able to act in an agile and sustainable way in the long term. Public administration should concentrate on meeting the needs and desires of the changing population instead of holding on to widespread hierarchies and bureaucratic processes.

At the Global Design Thinking Conference, Design Thinking experts will discuss and present various successful concepts of the digitalization of administrative processes on local and global levels. Our speakers will present examples from different regions around the world to showcase and discuss cutting-edge innovations in the public sector. We will not only focus on the current situation of the administration, but also have a look on the future to learn how to shape an innovative, human-centred and agile public sector.

We look forward to welcoming experts on local and global transformation as our keynote speakers:

  • Audrey Tang, Digital Minister, Taiwan
  • Christian Bason, CEO, Danish Design Center
  • Mei Lin Fung, Chair and Co-Founder, People-Centered Internet
  • Oscar Romero, Director of Inclusive Innovation & International Cooperation, NYC Mayor's Office of the CTO

And many other speakers from around the world, for example:

  • Yasir Ahmed, Chief Director, Government Motor Transport, Transport and Public Works, Western Cape Government
  • Karen Bhatia, Senior Vice President, New York City Economic Development Corporation
  • Evgeny Kozlov, Vice Department Director, Mayoral Office and Moscow Government

The Conference will be a one-day virtual Policy Innovation Lab that aims to understand and promote innovation processes through exchange and collaboration. Visit our website to find more information about the speakers and the agenda. Register here to participate and innovate!