Design Thinking Studios – a new program vision

In 2024, we started with a new approach for students and young professionals who want to deepen their knowledge of design thinking. With the world facing increasingly complex topics that call for action like sustainability, digital health and wellbeing, organizational and business design, and open innovation processes, we felt a broader approach to practicing design thinking would be needed rather than “only” a human-centered perspective. The time is ripe to enhance the design thinking mindset and toolbox with you and look over the rim of the plate.


A new approach needs new formats to unfold its full potential. For that reason, we developed the Design Thinking Studios. This format brings in the opportunity to dive deep into different aspects of the design thinking method, experience how additional methods fit in, and simultaneously bring in inspiration and findings from experts in a special field or the perspective of project partners. In the summer term of 2024, we will start focusing on solutions for more sustainability and digitality in education using an open innovation approach.


Did we stir your interest? Then, apply until March 15th, 2024, for one of our Design Thinking Studios in the summer term or for Design Thinking Foundations to learn about the basics of Design Thinking.

Project Partners are also welcome.