Design Thinking Foundations – Get basic knowledge in design thinking

Do you feel that the world needs more good ideas and innovations that are put into practice? Are you looking for a way to equip yourself with knowledge and hands-on methods to foster human-centered solutions? Then, design thinking is the right path for you to enhance your studies.

Our new Design Thinking Foundations program aims to provide students and young professionals with a basic approach to managing multidisciplinary teamwork, creating an open and appreciative environment that helps flourish ideas freely. At the same time, participants learn to apply a toolset of design thinking methods that turns mere ideas into practical, human-centered solutions for products, services, or even innovative approaches to societal problems.

Our experimental learning approach includes real problems to be solved, handed in by partner organizations from for-profit, non-profit, and governmental institutions.

Enlarge your personal skill basis by participating in our Design Thinking Foundations program.

Next application Deadline is March 15th 2024!