Professor Weinberg on the “Transformation of the Working World” at Bosch Connected World 2017

The tradition-rich BOSCH company is dedicating itself to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the challenges of a networked world at its two-day international event: BOSCH Connected World. Today’s guest at the Connected World podium is Prof. Uli Weinberg, Director of the HPI School of Design Thinking (D-School).

In his talk “WeQ - the new IQ,” Weinberg discusses the influence of design thinking on a collaborative, networked corporate culture, “The entire working world is now in the midst of a transition. It’s not enough to focus on the technical network; mindset and working culture need to change as well.” According to Weinberg, in order to keep up with the challenges of an increasingly complex working world, the competition-oriented IQ mode must be replaced by a team-oriented, networked way of thinking and working.

A close cooperation between the HPI School of Design Thinking and BOSCH has already existed for many years. Besides diverse trainings and workshops, held at all levels of management, BOSCH has partnered on multiple student projects. Thereby, a concept for the interior of self-driving cars was designed and ideas developed for improving the mobility of seniors.

The long-year partnership has borne fruit. In the meantime, design thinking has become firmly anchored in the BOSCH company culture. With Platform 12 the company created an entirely new level of innovation in the design thinking mode; at the same time abolishing individual bonuses in support of the team concept.