Prof. Dr. h.c. Hasso Plattner

Christopher Schmidt

Research Assistant, PhD Candidate

Phone: +49 (331) 5509 - 1317
Fax: +49 (331) 97992 - 579
Room: Hasso-Plattner-Villa, V 2.01

Research Topics


  • Schmidt, C., Huegle, J., Uflacker, M.: Order-independent constraint-based causal structure learning for gaussian distribution models using GPUs. SSDBM '18 Proceedings of the 30th International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management. p. 19:1--19:10. ACM, New York, NY, USA (2018).
  • Schmidt, C., Dreseler, M., Akin, B., Roy, A.: A Case for Hardware-Supported Sub-Cache Line Accesses. Data Management on New Hardware (DaMoN), in conjunction with SIGMOD (2018).
  • Schwarz, C., Schmidt, C.: Interactive Product Cost Simulation on Coprocessors. HPI Future SOC Lab: Proceedings 2015. pp. 103-107 (2017).
  • Schwarz, C., Schmidt, C., Hopstock, M., Sinzig, W., Plattner, H.: Efficient Calculation and Simulation of Product Cost Leveraging In-Memory Technology and Coprocessors. The Sixth International Conference on Business Intelligence and Technology (BUSTECH 2016) (2016).

Master's Thesis

  • Memory-optimized System of Linear Equations Solving leveraging Coprocessors for Enterprise Simulations