Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Hasso Plattner

Features of the Hana Oncolyzer iPad Application

The first result of the collaborative work of the research initiative is an iPad application. It is the first iPad application for healthcare based on in-memory technology on backend site. Some of the features of the Hana Oncolyzer are described in the following.

Combined Search in Structured and Unstructured Data

The Hana Oncolyzer combines data from various data sources -- structured and unstructured.

  • Structured data are, for example, biopsy results, size of tumor or tissue regions, blood concentration, etc. They are stored in a relational database format and can be accessed via attributes
  • Unstructured data are, for example, text documents, diagnosis, notes, etc. They are stored as long text file and they neither consist of a predefined structure nor use standardized text snippets. As a result, text has the following drawback: typos, usage of pseudonyms, abbreviations, etc.

Patient Details for Personalized Medicine

All patient related information need to be available for decision taking by medical doctors. Individual specifics of patients need to be analyzed and evaluated to for personalized medicine. The Hana Oncolyzer present current as well as historic data for a certain patient and performs automatically analysis of the available data. Important characteristics of the data are displayed. Medical doctors can use these additional information as indicator for the planned personalized treatment process.

Analytical Exploration of Patient Cohorts

Analysis data of all patients or patient cohorts is a time-consuming and complex task. The Hana Oncolyzer enables analysis of patient data on mobile devices, i.e. there is no longer a need for a desktop PC to perform the analysis. Furthermore, freely definable filters can be applied to explore patient details. Thus, Hana Oncolyzer enables identification of individual patients, e.g. for participation in clinical studies. The use of always up-to-date data bridges information gaps and supports fast analysis and evaluation of patient cohorts.

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