Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Hasso Plattner

In-Memory Technology at Charité

In the following, users of in-memory technology at the Charité give their live statements how in-memory technology contributes to enhance their daily life.

Martin Peuker, Deputy CIO at Charité


Martin Peuker is Deputy CIO at Charité. He sees the growing amount of medical data as challenge for the Charité IT. "The accessibility of all medical data at any time from anywhere is one of the success factors of tomorrow's medical IT infrastructure". As a result, he sees in-memory technology as a key-enabler for real-time analysis of medical data from different and today isolated source systems. "Especially the positive experiences with real-time analytics helped to move forward in using in-memory technology for important business scenarios", says Peuker. For further details, please watch his interview video.

Dr. Christian Regenbrecht, Cancer Researcher at Charité

Dr. Christain Regenbrecht is cancer researcher at the Charité. He mentions that his research activities result in 500.000 or more data points per patient. "This huge amount of data needs to be verified to identify patients for research studies", says Dr. Regenbrecht.

Today, this process is very paper intensive, since all patient relevant data needs to be controlled and combined by hand. "Thanks to in-memory technology", Dr. Regenbrecht says, "it supports my work to identify the best therapy for a concrete patient". For further details, please watch his interview video.

Huge Data in Clinical Environments

In modern hospital up to 20 TB of raw data are generated per patient. This project focuses on the real-time analysis of structured and unstructured data stored across various departments and hospital locations. In-memory technology researched and developed at the HPI enables the combination of these data while having instant analysis capabilities at hand. With the help of a dedicated iPad application medical doctors can access all data mobile at any location anytime.

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