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Design Thinking Studio “Design Thinking and Sustainability”

How can we move towards more sustainability? The 17 sustainable development goals (SDG) defined by the United Nations provide fundamental guidance to the fields of sustainability like responsible consumption and production, sustainable cities and communities, affordable and clean energy, and finally climate actions. However, converting the SDGs into concrete initiatives in organizations is a challenge.



Whether you want to be part of an initiative that makes a sustainable difference to the world, or you are looking for methods to realize ideas for more sustainability – our Studio “Design Thinking and Sustainability” provides you with all you need to deal with complex problem-solving.

Our Design Thinking Studio recognizes the paramount importance of business innovations in this dynamic landscape. Sustainable innovations involve the development and implementation of creative business solutions that drive environmental, social, and economic value. These innovations strive to minimize negative impacts on the planet, enhance resource efficiency, and promote long-term well-being.

Project example SDG Sustainability and Design Thinking

Project Examples

Your !Impact

Project partner: Haus für die Vereinten Nationen e.V.

Project Challenge: Raising awareness and bringing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) & work of the UN closer to young people.

Young people thus need a low-level and playful way to engage, which gives them the feeling of making a tangible contribution. Using an already existing social media platform simplifies both outreach and integration of small actions in their daily life.


What you can expect when participating in a Design Thinking Studio:

  • An approach to frame a Design Thinking challenge within a complex focus topic (e. g. sustainability, open innovation in education).
  • D-talks with experts from research and partners from practice on a focus topic.
  • Enhanced research methods for a human-centered approach for valuable solutions.
  • Inspiration sprints and in-depth creation.
  • Innovation circles and co-designing with partners e.g. innovative solutions for climate protection or artificial intelligence in crisis communication
  • Project incubator to fast forward your solution.

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Do you already bring along Foundations  (former Basic Track or basic knowledge acquired elsewhere) of Design Thinking and do you want to make a change toward more sustainability or education? Then take part in one of our Design Thinking Studios.


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