Caroline Szymanski

Caroline Szymanski loves acting and philosophy, logic and silly warm-up games. Her many opposing and impossible-to-combine interests have given her a hard time in finding 'that one perfect profession'. Design Thinking finally showed Caroline that there never is one perfect solution and that harsh opposites and odd combinations are the best source for intriguing insights and thrilling ideas.

After learning French in France, Italian in Italy, glimpsing economy at BMW and journalism at the ZDF, Caroline studied neuroscience in Cologne, Paris, Berlin and Milan. She investigated neural correlates of deception and consciousness and now researches the neural underpinnings of social interaction at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain and the Max-Planck-Institut of Human Development.

Before starting her PhD, Caroline was a D-School student and worked in the field of PR communication, costumer journey and foresight at PCH Innovations. Before becoming active as a coach at HPI D-School, Caroline guided students and teachers through D-School's Basic Track Program. In her other life, Caroline loves to dance, act and travel.