Dr. Arndt Pechstein

Dr. Arndt Pechstein advises companies and organizations on adaptive leadership, resilient and learning networks, bio-inspired disruptive innovation, and digital business models. Arndt is an expert in biomimicry (bio-inspired design), design thinking, agile processes, and digital business models. He holds a PhD degree with honors in Neuroscience which places him at the intersection of human behavior and business innovation thereby helping organizations transition into a new mindset and organization logic. He is founder of two startups, an NGO, and a transnational think-tank.

Arndt's strengths are an infectious enthusiasm and positivity and he has a passion for efficiency and betterment. He likes to challenge views and enjoys seeing the world through a critical lense. Arndt loves living in Berlin and is a passionate traveler, outdoor enthusiast, climber, traceur, and cyclist.