Dr. Arndt Pechstein

Dr. Arndt Pechstein is an energetic blend of a scientist, serial entrepreneur, business coach, restless athlete and passionate human being. Arndt holds a PhD in neuroscience and has specialist backgrounds in biomimicry (bio-inspired innovation), design thinking (user-centered innovation), agile coaching, and digital business models.

As founder of phi360 and Biomimicry Germany and initiator of the Hybrid Thinking approach, he designs and facilitates co-creative change strategies & programs to help organizations transition into a new mindset and organization logic. He combines technical and analytical knowledge with human cognitive and intuitive behavior and creative approaches to create sustainable and scalable solutions in a complex and exponential world. Arndt is also an inspiring keynote and TEDx speaker.

His Credo is: "Don't just be successful, be significant!". As a multi-award-winning entrepreneur his transformative work is applied across all sectors, ranging from automotive, banking, pharmaceutical, and energy to manufacturing, e-commerce and education.

Arndt is a black belt in various martial arts, passionate breakdancer, climber, outdoor enthusiast, and he teaches parkour.









Photo: Audi Urban Future Initiative