Dr. Clemens Buss

Clemens Buss obtained his Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Göttingen and holds a Master of Science in Complex Adaptive Systems of Gothenburg University. He also studied Design Thinking at the HPI School of Design Thinking in 2009/2010.

As a research associate at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization he worked on describing and quantifying negative thermal expansion in amorphous materials. Furthermore, he was the representative of all Ph.D. candidates in the Max Planck Society in 2014.

Clemens worked at the Creation Center of Deutsche Telekom AG and as a Design Thinking Coach for large and small enterprises.

He co-initiated the Design Thinking networks inventedhere and kandoee. He is intrigued by the combination and interplay of the analytical and the chaotic-creative elements in Design Thinking and how to connect qualitative with data-driven approaches.

Currently - besides lecturing at the HPI D-School - he works as in Big Data and AI for Robert Bosch GmbH.