Fabian Behnke

Long before becoming a student at the HPI School of Design Thinking in 2011, Fabian discovered his passion for advocating the user perspective. Having studied Media, psychology and politics in Trier and International Journalism in Minneapolis, he started running eye tracking UX studies and conducting research on civic participation in politics. His user-centric approach has since then guided him through several international user research and UX positions, eventually gravitating towards research-based innovation consulting. Fabian truly enjoys the mixture of being part of the academic DT-forefront at D-School and practical business application for clients as a Project manager for research and innovation.

To counterbalance the buzzing professional routine, Fabian as former mayor league paintball player is still harnessing adrenaline by dodging bullets and thinking on his feet. But he has also found his passion for the complete antidote - trekking for days and weeks with only the bare essentials in the most remote landscapes.