Helmut Ness

Having an open mindset, and the willingness to ask ‚why’, helps us learn and understand new perspectives. Embracing transparent means of communication and exercising empathy are also essential along this journey of new discovery, and achievement of meaningful goals.

Everything we undertake and look to accomplish is always about the interaction and communication between people. This is why we place people, with their needs, their values and their desires, at the center of our work and solution considerations. The acceleration of technological innovation is what makes the present both challenging and exciting. Our focus along this vein is to connect technological advancement, the user’s experience, business goals, as well as our own enthusiasm and know-how.

For the past 25 years, the topics that I have been focused on as a Designer, Consultant and Entrepreneur are holistic CX, Servicedesign, UX, Brand Strategy, Design, Communication and Implementation. My focused fields of activity are mobility, health, B2B to B2C, yes and since the birth of my children, education.

My passion is to seek opportunity, and continue to learn with each and every process, and ultimately be able to contribute something new.