Katharina Müller

Katharina studied linguistic and economic sciences in Cologne, Aix-en-Provence and Liverpool and finished her MA in political sciences at the FU-Berlin in 2010. As Katharina has always been equally interested in Arts, Theater and Literature, she was glad to be able to play out her creative skills as a d.school student in 2011/2012.

Since 2011, Katharina works on the project „Dialog macht Schule“ for the Federal Agency for Civic Education. The project deals with the question of how to reach out to young people from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds with a migration history in order to encourage their active citizenship. Within this project, Katharina wants to strengthen the individual competencies of each student and help them finding their own place within society.

A part from working in Neukölln and Potsdam, Katharina joins 24 hour-long theater performances, makes strawberry marmalade and race cycles across Berlin.