Airport security process

Project partner: ZAB - ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg

Challenge: How might we assure the security standards at passenger airports and increase efficiency and convenience of passenger handling during check-in at the same time? 


[Translate to Englisch:] Flight Assistant Security Trolley

The students of the HPI D-School worked on the challenge of ensuring a smoother process at airport security checkpoints. To get closer to solving this problem, the student team identified the specific difficulties that delay check-in. These are primarily the stress of having to dig out and sort through one's own belongings. In addition, the paths at airports are comparatively long and there is a general lack of overview.

The Design Thinking team then developed the "Flight Assistant Security Trolley" (FAST), which ensures a seamless check-in process at the airport by replacing the individual containers (trays) with a compact all-in-one solution. At the airport entrance, passengers receive a FAST trolley where they can register with their luggage. Airport staff can record this registration, so that the passengers are already "recognized". The trolley contains a box in which small items, electronic devices, and everything that has to go through the security check separately, can be placed. In addition, it offers space for hand luggage, a coat hook and a seat.

Overall, the FAST trolley can contribute to a simplified, faster airport check-in process that relieves both passengers and airport staff.