Bethel im Norden

Searching for your own identity

Design Challenge: Foster the process of identity shaping of people without a home in order to make their voices heard and to enable them to actively participate to make their claims in a world where others think that being homeless is your own fault.

Project Partner: Bethel im Norden


Together with "Bethel im Norden", a department of the Bodelschwinghschen Stiftungen Bethel, and over 30 homeless people and former homeless, five students of the HPI School of Design Thinking have developed strategies to give group of homeless people their voice back – thus giving them the opportunity to advocate their interests together. The aim of the project was to provide homeless people with different strategies which they can use to express their own identity, to organize themselves politically and socially.

As a first step the group defined "Golden Principles" to manage its interactions. Moreover, the project team designed "Who am I"-cards so that the homeless people can become aware of their own knowledge and skills again.

Additionally, the student team developed role cards with the homeless people that can be used at assemblies. With the help of appointed moderators and keepers of the minutes problems can be discussed systematically and strategies of action can be defined. Moreover, strategies for storytelling help homeless people to bring in their own ideas into society.

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Project group Bethel im Norden