truffle hunt

Project partner:Adalbert Raps Stiftung

Challenge: Redesign the sales approach of meat shop owners in a world where grocery shoppers are all about one-stop convenience stores.



The students developed a two-day inspirational tour for butchers called “Trüffeljagd” (truffle hunt).



By visiting innovative companies and discussing the future of the industry, participants have the change to explore new models, connect with fellow butchers and reflect about their own businesses.



Just as hunters set out on a journey in search of precious truffles, butchers will hunt together for inspiration throughout the Trüffeljagd. The analogy goes further. Pigs, Germany’s favourite source of meat and butchers’ main source of income, are also remarkably capable truffle seekers. Without their ability to sniff from as deep as a meter underground, these rare delicacies would continue to be hidden, for the desolation of gourmets all around.

The Trüffeljagd, as it became known, is now in its third edition. The event regularly takes place in Berlin and connects butchers to the most avant-garde makers in the meat business. Participants learn from startups such as Potsdamer Sauenhain, a team of young farmers selling the meat of free-ranging pigs online, and NUD, a company that turns meat into healthy snacks.