D-School at the Communication University of China, Beijing

At the Communication University of China (CUC) Design Thinking-School in Beijing, experts from Potsdam helped to further develop the success of Design Thinking by translating it into sustainable projects.

CUC D-School in Beijing

China's largest university for communication opened the doors of its Design Thinking-School in 2012, following two years of intense preparation and the training of its own 25 Chinese coaches by the HPI D-School Potsdam. It is open to students of all disciplines, just as the D-Schools in Potsdam and Stanford.

At the end of 2014 the CUC has laid the foundation for its next step. By 2016 a new building will be completed in which more students than ever before have the opportunity to come into contact with Design Thinking. With the “Design Thinking Innovation Center,” the CUC hopes to assume a pioneering role in China. Professor Ulrich Weinberg, director of the HPI D-School Potsdam, will support the CUC in a voluntary role as the “Honorary Director of the DTIC.”