Start of the Summer Semester 2017

This week the HPI D-School has kicked off a new semester of design thinking with 121 Basic- and Advanced Track students from 25 nations, 83 universities and 74 disciplines.

While students in the Basic Track launch their one-week introductory projects in design thinking, the more experienced design thinkers in the Advanced Track will start directly on the tasks of their project partner.

These projects involve real issues from industry and society. Just as in previous years, the current portfolio of partner companies offers an eclectic mix of corporations, non-profit companies, and mid-size operations. Among this year’s partners are: Barmenia, Allianz Deutschland AG, Bethel im Norden as well as GlaxoSmithKline.

Together with their project partners, the students work for 8 or 16 weeks on challenges with the aim of developing innovative solutions for complex problems that occur in actual practice. These include questions on how to fight fake news and the spread of hate speech online. Another challenge, a partnership with a HPI research project, focuses on accelerating digitalization in schools by helping teachers find and use better digital learning materials. Project topics also deal with issues from the healthcare, insurance or the social sectors. We look forward to a new semester filled with exciting challenges and innovative solutions! 

You can find here more information about the study program at the HPI School of Design Thinking.