Start of the winter term 2017/18

This week a new semester starts at the HPI School of Design Thinking with 117 Basic and Advanced Track students from 22 nations, 60 universities and 49 disciplines.

Students in our Basic Track begin their Design Thinking education with a one-week project introducing them to the innovation method and process. Our experienced Design Thinkers in the Advanced Track directly start working on the questions posed by their project partners. As in previous years, the portfolio of partner organizations includes big corporations, medium-sized companies, and NGO’s as well as public institutions. This semester, organizations such as Belfor, Nestlé, Sanofi, Suedwolle, Thomas Magnete and the University of Cologne have prepared challenges for our students.

Together with their project partners, our students work on challenges – complex problems from the organization’s practice – for which they aim to develop innovative solutions. These include questions on how to revitalize a city district or on how to improve diagnosis and therapy for certain diseases. Students also work on questions concerning business development, culture shifts in large companies, or future teacher education.

We look forward to a new semester full of exciting challenges and innovative solutions.