Apply now for the summer semester 2019

Applications for our Design Thinking summer semester 2019 program are now open. Students from all disciplines are invited to apply online until 31 January 2019.



Our society is becoming more and more complex. Globalization and technological innovations accelerate our pace of life and work. Companies and institutions face an uphill battle. They are under an increased pressure to change and to manage this growing complexity.

Enter Design Thinking: A human-centered, iterative, team-based mindset that leads to breakthrough innovations. With its fusion of creativity, shared leadership and efficiency, Design Thinking can help overcome yesterday’s working models and transform traditional organizational cultures.

In the Design Thinking Basic Track at the HPI D-School you get to know the innovation method and mindset and work on different projects in small, multidisciplinary teams. Together with project partners from business and society you work on real problems, interview users, develop creative ideas and human-centered prototypes.

Interested students can apply for the Basic Track program via our online application platform until 31 January.

For your application, we need the following documents:

  • Personal information
  • CV
  • Your personal T-profile

We are looking for T-shaped people and future change-makers

T-shaped people are experts in a specific field (reflected by the vertical part of the letter "T"). Moreover, they have numerous additional skills and interests as well as a broad general knowledge (represented by the horizontal part of the "T").

At HPI School of Design Thinking we bring "T-shaped people" from all over the world together and enable them to cross disciplinary boundaries, to work collaboratively and to apply their skills and knowledge together with others to create innovative solutions for complex problems.

How and in what form you want to create your personal "T-Profile", whether as text, picture, diagram or photo, is completely up to you. Just use your creativity and illustrate your uniqueness.

You can find more information and important dates about the application process on our website.

If you want to know more, visit us on Open House Day!

On 23 January interested students have the opportunity to visit us from 15:00 to 18:00 to get an impression of our Design Thinking program and unique teaching space. Visit us, ask questions and meet our students, coaches and team.

We look forward to meeting you!