Claudia Nicolai at „Talking Science“ on rbb television

On October 10th our Academic Director Dr. Claudia Nicolai was a guest on the rbb television show “Talking Science”. Under the motto “14 minutes to save the world”, three scientists from Berlin and Brandenburg introduced solution approaches from their fields of research.


Dr. Claudia Nicolai


In the crowded „Kleiner Sendesaal“ of rbb television, Dr. Claudia Nicolai talked about how people can collaborate across disciplines and develop innovations using Design Thinking. In her 14-minute talk, she emphasized that humans should always be at the center when developing innovations. At the same time, people who develop innovations should always think about the consequences of their actions.

Dr. Claudia Nicolai also clarified that she alone does not have a plan to save the world. “To solve global problems the individual expert is not sufficient,” she said. We need to collaborate in diverse teams with a shared leadership model and also allow ourselves to fail.

Besides Dr. Claudia Nicolai, Prof. Manfred Hild from the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin and Prof. Peter Seeberger from the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces presented solution approaches from their fields of research to save the planet.

All three scientists agreed that expert from different scientific disciplines need to work together to find solutions for the most urgent global problems. Moreover, they need to accept their responsibility and actually implement the innovative ideas they develop.

In the media library of rbb television you can stream the complete episode of “Talking Science” (in German).