Ulrich Weinberg: One of the 100 Most Innovative Minds

The 100 most important innovators in German companies are featured in the current issue of Handelsblatt. Prof. Ulrich Weinberg, Director of the HPI School of Design Thinking, is one of those on the list.

Innovators are recognized whose ideas and research results have advanced the progress of research in Germany. The result is a colorful mix of creative minds from the most diverse branches—from programmers, to startup founders to cancer researchers.

At the HPI School of Design Thinking, students and professionals learn to re-think and collaborate creatively to solve problems in a way that is holistic and user-centered and, at the same time, to develop innovations. “Through multi-disciplinary teamwork, we are trying to bring the Steve Jobs quality into daily business,” says Prof. Weinberg.    

Ulrich Weinberg has led the School of Design Thinking (D-School) at Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam since 2007. He completed his studies of the arts, design, art history, and philosophy in Berlin and Munich. After 25 years of innovative work in the areas of film and 3D animation (during 13 of which he served as professor at the Film University, Babelsberg), he played an instrumental role in the formation of the HPI D-School. Since 2004 Weinberg has been Visiting Professor at the Communication University of China CUC in Beijing. He is co-founder of WeQ-Foundation and author of Network Thinking – Was kommt nach dem Brockhaus-Denken.